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Hoses stay free of wear

I had problems with cornstalks rubbing through the hose on the fertilizer toolbar on my planter. So I pushed the hose through a spring that has a little bigger inside diameter than the hose¡¯s outside diameter. Now the spring acts like a flexible armor for the hose; the stalks rub on the metal spring, which saves my hoses.
Spring fits over hose July 2020 AATF

Protect nozzle from the elements

This length of 1.5-inch ID PVC pipe with a glued-on cap has a screw on the side to maintain the weight of the hose. The nozzle hooks onto the ring I added at the end of the chain.
Gas nozzle cover, July 2020 AATF

A dump trailer will go places

When our old grain truck died and the engine was beyond repair, I got out my torch and welder. The dump trailer I built will pull behind any of our tractors or trucks. It works off of the tractor¡¯s remote hydraulics; the sides are shortened for easy loading with a skid loader.

Pool balls make better handles

I was frustrated with the small, cheap handles that came on my drill press. I unscrewed those original handles and drilled and tapped three billiard balls to make new ones. Voil¨¤! They make the perfect size handles with a good, safe grip for
Drill press pool ball handles June 2020 AATF

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